Puppy Raiser, Declan Lyons

It's a very rewarding volunteer activity

Puppy Raiser Declan got his first Puppy Eldin in May 2018.

There are several reasons why we became Puppy Raisers.

  • I wanted to volunteer and give back.

  • I wanted to volunteer to help animals.

  • I wanted a puppy.

  • I wanted to be a part of a group working towards a goal. I love what Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind do and wanted to be a part of that.

I had actually been thinking about becoming a Puppy Raiser for a while. However, it wasn’t until Danny hit the age of five (and I convinced my wife, Tina) that we could. That’s when everything changed.

Eldin, a black lab/retriever puppy became part of our family in May 2018 and quickly settled in. It might seem restricting at first with what he can and can’t do but it quickly becomes second nature. He comes everywhere with us and we always have to plan extra time to answer questions from the public. He is a minor celebrity where we live. It’s so rewarding to see him grow and develop as he lives with us.

Becoming a Puppy Raiser for Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind has been really great for us and if you’re a dog lover then I highly recommend you look into becoming a Puppy Raiser. It’s definitely a very rewarding volunteer activity. We know it’s going to be hard saying goodbye but he is going on to change someone’s life and we are grateful to be part of that.

Update: Read how Eldin has become a Guide Dog and changed a life here.

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