Orientation & Mobility

Orientation is knowing, where you are and where you need to go in your Environment

Mobility is the ability to move safely and effectively through your environment

Here at the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind we combine modern practices and technology with established and trusted techniques of Long Cane Orientation and Mobility (O&M). 

Trainees learn how to apply these techniques to real life situations ensuring a comprehensive course that enables the trainee to travel independently, safely, and confidently in their environment.

The five-day residential programme is run in the purpose-built Centre. Here you will learn all aspects of travel with the long cane, including public transport, wayfinding and using technology, tailored to meet each individual’s needs.

Trainees will receive one to one instruction as required while also benefiting from group learning and a supportive environment.

Following this, the O&M trainer will visit the trainee’s home environments where the new skills are implemented.  Continued support is provided to the trainees as required. Domiciliary training is also offered to trainees.

We train people with various levels of vision over 16 years of age and there is no upper age limit. All courses are provided at no cost to you, however, we do charge a nominal cost of €10.00 for accommodation and food for the 5 days you will stay at our Centre to be trained.

Child mobility

Empowering children with greater independence and mobility We work with children and young adults, their parents/guardians, their teacher, and the school in order to enhance the students’ quality of life.

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Our 5-day residential Orientation & Mobility Programme supports our clients to develop the skills required to become mobile and independent. The training involves learning to use a long cane which is an effective way to get out and about safely and independently. We train people from the age of 16 and there is no upper limit.

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Luke & Kain

Luke is still non-verbal but when I see him smiling down at Kain it shows me he doesn’t need words to express how happy he is.

Kim & Jango

Meeting Jango was one of the best moments of my life. He’s a beautiful big cuddly dog with the personality to match. From the moment I met him I knew we were going to be best buddies.

Shauna & Esme

When I needed a hand, I found a paw.

Conor & Quelda

When Conor is with Quelda he smiles and is comfortable being out and about which is such an amazing gift – we never leave home without her. She has changed all of our lives.

Aran & Buttons

Being a Guide Dog Owner is such a privilege and positive experience. Buttons has enhanced my life in so many ways and I will always be grateful for that.

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