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We just need some more details

If you do not own your own home, do you have permission to have a puppy in the home?*

If no, you must have permission in writing to have a puppy in your home before we can place a puppy with you.

Do you have any physical condition that may affect your ability to walk/bend over to treat pup/handle a pup or large dog?*
Are you or any member of your household undergoing or expecting to undergo treatment/surgery for any major ailment?*
Are there any children in the house?*
Will you have time available each day to walk/train the puppy without being accompanied by children or pet dogs?*
Do you have any hobbies, regular holidays or other commitments?*
Do you or any member of the household suffer with any on-going health problems or physical limitations, which may influence your ability to puppy raise?*
Are all members of the household aware of the challenges associated with raising a Working Dog puppy?*
Is the applicant to be the main puppy walker?*
Are there other dogs living in the house?*
Is/are your dog(s) neutered? (Please note that this is a requirement)
If you have a dog(s), do they regularly receive the following treatments:
Do you have any other pets and care for other animals (including livestock) on a regular basis?*
If you do not have dogs, have you got any previous experience with dogs or other animals?*
Do you work?*
Do you, or any member of the household, intend to take the dog to work on a regular basis?*
(If Yes) How long will the dog need to be left unattended in the workplace?
(If Yes) Are you willing to arrange for a GD representative to view accommodation for the dog at work?
Do you drive?*
(If Yes) Do you have regular access to a car?
Training sessions will be conducted virtually through phone and video calls. Are you willing to train your pup virtually?*
Would you have access to a virtual platform such as Zoom for training sessions?*
Do you have good internet connection where you live?*

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