Temporary Boarding

Mind a dog-in-training

When our dogs come into our Training Centre to start formal training at 12-14 months old, some dogs find the adjustment to kennel-life challenging.

To give our dogs the best chance of success, we have a team of Temporary Boarding Volunteers who live or work within the local area of our Training Centre on Model Farm Road in Cork. These Volunteers drop the dogs off for ‘school’ in the morning at our Training Centre and collect them at the end of the day.

Under the direction of our Training team, Volunteers mind the dogs in their own homes during evenings and weekends. Temporary Boarders can have an individual dog from a few weeks to six months.

Eligibility criteria to temporarily board a dog in training

  • Over 18 years of age (main applicant).

  • Dog will not be left alone for long periods (more than four hours in any 24 hours).

  • You have a fully enclosed garden with walls or fences minimum 5ft high.

  • All children in the home are at least five years of age.

  • Dog will live inside, day and night, and will get regular exercise.

  • Be able to drop the dog to our Training Centre on Model Farm Road each weekday morning between 8:15-8:30am, collect the dog each evening between 4:30-7pm, and hold onto the dog at weekends.

  • One other dog is permitted in the home, as long as the dog is over 12 months old, neutered/spayed, up to date on all vaccinations, and is well behaved around other dogs


What support will I get?

Every month we hold workshops for potential new recruits into our Temporary Boarding team of Volunteers. Once you have completed your training workshop, we provide ongoing support from our Temporary Boarding Officer and the dog’s Trainer.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have ceased in-person workshops for the safety of our Staff, Volunteers and the general public. We have instead, set up an online e-learning course, which gives advice and information on boarding a dog in training.

What are the benefits?
  • Be part of a dynamic organisation and meet new people

  • Make a difference to an important charity and the work we do changing lives of those who are vision impaired and the families of children with autism

  • Share a home with a wonderful dog

How do I apply?

Please complete the Volunteer Application Form and our Temporary Boarding Officer will contact you shortly to discuss the options in more detail.

If you would like to talk to one of our team, please call 1850 506 300 or email volunteer@guidedogs.ie.

Read a Temporary Boarding Volunteer's experience

Please complete the following form to sign up to become a Temporary Boarder.

Please ensure you have read the eligibility criteria mentioned above before applying to become a Temporary Boarder.

Have any questions? Contact us today at: 1850 506 300 or email: support@guidedogs.ie

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Luke & Kain

Luke is still non-verbal but when I see him smiling down at Kain it shows me he doesn’t need words to express how happy he is.

Kim & Jango

Meeting Jango was one of the best moments of my life. He’s a beautiful big cuddly dog with the personality to match. From the moment I met him I knew we were going to be best buddies.

Shauna & Esme

When I needed a hand, I found a paw.

Conor & Quelda

When Conor is with Quelda he smiles and is comfortable being out and about which is such an amazing gift – we never leave home without her. She has changed all of our lives.

Aran & Buttons

Being a Guide Dog Owner is such a privilege and positive experience. Buttons has enhanced my life in so many ways and I will always be grateful for that.

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