Rehoming a Dog from us

A note from Ingrid our Rehoming Officer;

"I want to start by saying 'Thank You' for considering adopting a dog from us and for wanting to give one of our dogs a loving and caring home. We like You already!"

When a dog is withdrawn, or career changed, from the training program it could be due to a variety of reasons and they are withdrawn from different stages of training. Some dogs make it to advanced training before they are career changed and other dogs can be as young as 6 months old when they are withdrawn.

A lot of love, care, work and time has gone into our dogs and it is a difficult decision to make if they should, or are able, to continue on with their training and become a guide or assistance dog or not.

About Our Dogs

The most common breeds that the Organisation use as working/service dogs are Labradors, Labrador Retrievers.

Our dogs are not perfect and have been withdrawn from the training programme for a reason, mild or profound due to behavioural or/and medical/health issues. We always make sure that the dog is medically cleared and neutered before rehoming.     

  • A behavioural issue(s) can be for example: dog distraction, body sensitivity, afraid to get in or out of vehicles, guarding behaviour of toys, extremely boisterous and some of our dogs don’t like children.

  • A health condition can be both minor and/or major. For example: Allergies, skin issues, hip/knee/elbow-dysplasia, heart condition or other medical problems.


We will keep your application form on file for two years before it will be removed from the waiting list. This is so that every applicant has an equal opportunity to get a dog from us.

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