Rehome a Dog

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Is there room in your life to rehome a dog?

Not all dogs born and entering our training programmes qualify as Guide or Assistance Dogs. From time to time, we need to rehome dogs that have been withdrawn from training or retired from working life.

We’re passionate about dogs and committed to ensuring their proper care. 

Eligibility criteria to rehome a dog
  • Applicant must be over 18 years of age.

  • Dog will not be left alone for long periods.

  • You must accept responsibility for all future costs in relation to the dog.

  • You have a fully enclosed garden with walls or fences at a minimum 5ft high or are willing to enclose it.

  • All children in the home are at least five years of age.

  • The dog will live inside, day and night, and will get regular exercise.

  • You are willing to take on medical or behavioural issues.

Rehoming process

Check the criteria above before applying. If your application is successful, you will be contacted for an interview and to arrange a virtual home visit to ensure compatibility. You will have an opportunity to get to know the dog during a two-week bonding period, after which, you may officially adopt your new family member.

Contact: 0818 506300 or email:

If you think you might be in a position to adopt one of our dogs and need more information, please check out our Rehoming FAQ by clicking the button below!

Rehoming FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our rehoming programme.

Rehoming FAQs

Applications currently closed.

Our rehoming list is currently closed. Please keep an eye on our website and social media channels for updates.

Have any questions? Contact us today at: 0818 506300 or email:

3 Week Training Programme

Our 3-week residential training programme involves you coming to our Training Centre where our team of expert Instructors will train you and your new partner on everyday skills, from crossing roads to using public transport, as well as dog handling, feeding, grooming and vet care.

Luke & Kain

Luke is still non-verbal but when I see him smiling down at Kain it shows me he doesn’t need words to express how happy he is.

Kim & Jango

Meeting Jango was one of the best moments of my life. He’s a beautiful big cuddly dog with the personality to match. From the moment I met him I knew we were going to be best buddies.

Shauna & Esme

When I needed a hand, I found a paw.

Conor & Quelda

When Conor is with Quelda he smiles and is comfortable being out and about which is such an amazing gift – we never leave home without her. She has changed all of our lives.

Aran & Buttons

Being a Guide Dog Owner is such a privilege and positive experience. Buttons has enhanced my life in so many ways and I will always be grateful for that.

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