Shauna & Kuta

Kuta made such a difference in my life right from the start.

Shauna is a wonderful example of the way a Guide Dog can transform a young person’s life.

Shauna just completed her last year of study for a Bachelor of Arts in Irish and German.  Next year she plans to take a Masters Degree in Translation Studies, and after that she wants to do a nine-month internship in Germany working in translation services.

Shauna, however, did not always feel that these ambitions were achievable.

Living with a visual impairment since birth, she was matched with Guide Dog Kuta in May 2012.

“I’d never been around dogs much before so I was a bit nervous, but when I met Kuta I fell in love with her. She was gorgeous. Kuta made such a difference in my life right from the start. It was fantastic. I didn’t feel trapped anymore. I wasn’t stuck in the house.”

Kuta changed Shauna’s life in so many ways: by helping her to go to university; by bringing her the freedom and independence that young people crave; and by giving her the confidence to overcome isolation and make new friends.

“Going through school I felt alone and isolated because people didn’t really want to know me. But I never feel alone anymore. Kuta cheered me up when I was alone and kept me company.  Now in university I have tons of friends and having her has definitely helped,” she said.

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