Catherine & Uska

I’m always planning something

For me I suppose from a young age I had bad vision which over time only got worse with my night time vision been the worst. So, after leaving school I worked locally for a few years but then decided that the job I was doing wasn’t suitable anymore and went to Dublin and did a training course.

From there I started work in Dublin but that proved a huge challenge as getting to and from work was hard as I was going in and out when it was dark. I was never a fan of the cane so I decided the best option for me was to apply for a Guide Dog and it was the best decision I ever made.

I waited for 8 months to be matched with my first dog and I will never forget that call from the Centre to say they had a dog. I am now on my fourth Guide Dog Uska. She is a black lab/retriever cross. I also still have living with me my retired Guide Dog Ivan, a golden retriever who worked with me for 8 and a half years.

A Guide Dog not only helps with mobility but it makes you more confident. I love to travel to different counties with my dogs, visiting and meeting different people. One of the things I like to do is dance so my dogs are used to coming along to the dancing classes and have even been known to take part in our Strictly Come Dancing event we run for Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind in Wexford every year. I also have a great love for country music and travel a lot to many shows all over Ireland so my dogs are well travelled.

People always say to me “Well, Catherine what is the next plan?”. I suppose I’m always planning something. There’s always somewhere to go.

All my dogs have been wonderful workers and companions. They give you all the support you need on a day you might not be feeling the best. They can read you like a book.

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