Brian & Valley

A great impact on my life

I have had Guide Dogs since I was 25 years of age and Valley is my 6th Guide Dog.  

Though she is the smallest of all my dogs, she is no shrinking violet and is quick to put our other two dogs in their place. 

I still have Enzo, my recently retired Guide Dog, and we also have our daughter’s retired Guide Dog, Ashay. 

Valley is one of the best dogs I have trained with and has taken to her work routine like a duck to water. She loves her work and can't wait to have the harness on and get under way. She loves to get on the bus as we take our journey to work and flies around the town of Cobh like she owns it. 

Valley is loved by all and, when not working, will take all the attention she can get. She is great with children, and I need never worry when chatting with families about her work. 

When the cruise liners are in town, we take a walk along the waterfront and visitors to the town love to see her do her thing, and it is nice to chat to them about their own dogs back home. 

My Guide Dogs have had a great impact on my life down through the years and I am glad to say Valley is no exception. 

I have two adult children and they have grown up with my dogs. Each Guide Dog has been part of our family and we have many memories to share about them all. 

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