Patrick & Bessie

Bessie is a treasure we are eternally grateful for

Hi, My son Patrick has an Assistance Dog Bessie. Bessie came into our lives 2 years ago and has changed it completely. We are now able to enjoy family days out, go for walks, enjoy being outside without panicking and even go to the supermarket.

These are everyday things that most people do without thinking but when you have a child who is a flight risk they become next to impossible. We even managed to attend a scout jamboree with Patrick and Bessie, something I as a mum and scouter would ever have dreamed possible as there were 9,000 scouts of all ages camping. We managed the whole day with no meltdown or disappearance act.

The freedom Bessie has brought to our lives is remarkable. But the story does not end there as all 3 of my children have autism Bessie has become a beloved family pet and by showing and receiving love and play from Bessie it has taught my children social skills that are hard for our kids to learn.

Bessie is a treasure we are eternally grateful for.

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