Michael & Rosy

Michael is starting to participate in the local community

Assistance Dog Rosy joined the Murphy family at the end of 2017. Here is Claire Anne Murphy telling us about her son Michael and their journey with Rosy so far.

I think the greatest thing to come from having Rosy is that Michael is starting to participate in the local community.

We live in the country and everyone knows us now coming on the road, people stop their cars and say hello to Michael or just wave and he waves back or signs hello!

He would never have done this before.

I know their interest at first was in Rosy but it’s gone beyond that now. When we go to the local shops, restaurants etc. people recognise us and they say hello to us. It’s a lovely feeling of acceptance.

I think he loves the independence that he gets from ‘walking his dog’ rather than the death’s grip of my hand or hands!

Obviously, it is less stressful going out from the perspective that he can’t run away, his road safety awareness has improved (he follows the instructions for the dog to wait etc.). We can also stop and talk to people we meet and he doesn’t try to get away or kick off, he is quite happy most of the time to wait. The general public are also more understanding and accommodating of his behaviours etc. when they see the dog.

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