Gavin & Aggie

They do everything together

Mum Helen explains how Assistance Dog Aggie has changed her family’s lives.

“Before Aggie, Gavin’s reactions to being outside of his comfort zone were always unpredictable. He always gravitated towards cars and lorries and we had some very frightening situations involving lorries. Shopping, family outings and trips of any kind were always full of anxiety and were stressful so they became non-existent. Gavin and I became very isolated in our home. I remember on one occasion going to a Paw Patrol musical and it took two hours to calm him down to get him back to the car.

Our lives have changed so much since Aggie arrived. We’ve attended loads of events in Dublin, shopping and day trips are relatively stress free now. Gavin and Aggie have become inseparable, they do everything together. Even now with the lack of routine surrounding Covid-19 they are side by side in all they do. I don’t see one without the other anymore.

I could never be able to put into words all that the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind have done for us. The Assistance Dog Programme they provide to families who have children with autism is crucial. Each and every one of the team are passionate about what they do and the support and aftercare they give to the families is outstanding.”

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