Dara & Clover

Clover is such a positive addition to our lives

We are so grateful to Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind for the amazing addition of Clover to our family.  

Our son Dara is autistic, non-verbal and happy in his own world, but Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind has given him a very special buddy, Clover. We all immediately fell in love with her when she came for her first sleepover and since then she has fit right into our family. 

Dara has no danger awareness and is a constant flight risk. Dara will always try to break free when walking with us (without attachment to Clover) and it is a massive struggle (and worry) to keep him safe with us outside of the house. This is never the case when we are out walking with Clover.  

Dara took to the attachment walks very quickly and follows the same instructions (to the kerb/wait/forward) as his best buddy who keeps him safe and calm. We can even stop for a chat with friends and Dara will stand calmly (arms folded) waiting patiently with Clover. We take Clover everywhere with us - to the shops, to Rory's (Dara's brother) matches and even recently to church for Dara's confirmation.  

Everyone in our family enjoys and benefits from Clover. We love taking Clover for her daily walks and weekly free runs - it gets us out in the fresh air no matter what the weather is like. Clover is an amazing addition to Dara’s life and our family life. Dara has no danger awareness and Clover has clearly taken on the role of keeping him safe. She is always by his side. Clover has fit right into our family, and we all love her dearly. 

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