Adam & Nikita

Nikita has brought us peace of mind

Brian and Caroline Galvin worried their son Adam was different for a long time.

As a small child he never spoke, responded to his name or showed any interest in toys.
The Galvins were assured that he was just a late developer but at the age of two and a half, he was formally assessed and was found to have severe autism. Eventually, Adam learned to communicate, although he remains non-verbal.

This however, was not the end of the worries for the Galvin family. Adam was prone to wandering off as soon as he got the chance and was even found by the Gardai on one occasion. With a young baby in the house, it was impossible to watch him every second. “I was in tears every day”, mum Caroline admits. “I simply didn’t know how I would cope.”

The day they welcomed Assistance Dog Nikita to their busy home in July 2012, everything changed. Adam and Nikita’s bond was instant and they spend a lot of their time together outside playing fetch. Best of all, Adam has not wandered away since her arrival and Nikita stays by his side at all times.

“Nikita has brought us peace of mind” Brian explains. “She’s Adam’s friend and constant companion and when she’s off-duty she’s a pet to the whole family too."

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