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Virtual Dog Show

04 Jun, 2021

Virtual Dog Show

The idea

We love our dogs here at Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind and we want to give the community the opportunity to share their PAWfect dog pictures with us! There is nothing better than some gorgeous dog photos to make people smile, even on the rainiest of days!

To run your Virtual Dog Show, you will need to encourage your local community to send photos of their dogs to your Facebook, or email and to donate via a JustGiving fundraiser.

When applicants send in their photo, they should include their own name, their dog's name, as well as the breed and age.

Once you have received your entries, you can divide the photos into categories such as Best Smile, Bushiest Tail, Most Handsome, Most Pretty, Sleeping Beauty etc. You can add and change these categories to whatever you see fit.

The Dog Show itself will consist of you showcasing all the entries on your Facebook page over a 5-day period dedicating a post each day to one category e.g. all dogs with the Best Smile posted on day 1, all dogs with the Bushiest Tail are posted on day 2. For the final day of the dog show, you could use the category ‘Best in Class’ and pull an entry at random for a prize!


This type of fundraiser can be run at any time that is convenient to you. While the Dog Show itself will run over the course of a week, we recommend you ask for photos to be sent in two weeks before the Show. This will give plenty of time for the competition to gain some momentum, and to get plenty of entries in.


You can set up a JustGiving page which all participants can donate to to enter.


  • Post details on your Facebook page frequently over the 2-week lead in time.

  • Spread the word amongst your family & friends encouraging them to get involved.

  • Encourage your local community of Guide Dog and Assistance Dog Owners, Puppy Raisers etc. to get involved.

  • Place posters in local shops and businesses e.g. veterinary practice. Consider asking them to donate prizes.

  • Ask contacts to run a virtual dog show at work; a great way to bring colleagues together for team bonding while they work from home.

  • Be creative – e.g. perhaps local dog groomers could promote the event giving owners a chance to show off their pet's fresh hair do.

Sample social media posts

1.  Time to show off those waggy tails from tiny puppy wiggles to Irish Wolfhound waggles! We want to see them all.

Enter our Virtual Dog Show by sending us in a photo of your canine companion via Facebook Messenger, and we’ll showcase all photos at our Facebook Virtual Dog Show which takes place on [insert date].

 Our first Virtual Dog Show will help us raise much needed funds for Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind [tag IGDB].

Please donate here [insert fundraiser link]

#ChangingLives #VirtualDogShow4IGDB


2.  Put your PAWfect pooch on our podium from the comfort of your own home and show us who is top dog!!

We are hosting a Facebook Virtual Dog Show on [insert date] in aid of Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind [tag IGDB]. Send us a photo of your pooch via Facebook Messenger to enter! We’ll be showcasing all entrants on [insert date]

Help us raise money by donating to our JustGiving page: [insert fundraiser link]:


Supporting material

We are happy to provide you with supporting material including: 

  • Campaign poster

  • Social media campaign imagery

  • Event notice for distribution to local media and community

  Please contact us if you wish to avail of this material.

Thank you for everything you do to support us #ChangingLives


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