Tax Back Scheme FAQs

16 Sep, 2022

How does the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind claim my tax back?

After the end of any year in which your donations total €250 or more, we will send you an Enduring Certificate form to complete (unless you already completed one for that period). If you are a taxpayer, simply complete the form and return it to the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. We will then send a claim to Revenue. When they are satisfied that you paid at least that amount in tax, they will send us the money. Please send your completed Enduring Certificate form directly to the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind, not Revenue.

How much will my donation be worth?

Your donation will be worth an additional 44.93%. So, if you donate €250, we can claim €112.33 tax back from revenue – meaning your original donation is worth €362.33 to the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Do all my donations qualify for tax purposes?

That depends. We can only claim tax back on donations which come from you and from which you’ve received no tangible benefit (e.g., If you bought raffle tickets, raised sponsorship yourself or sponsored someone to go on an overseas trek, they would not qualify). If in doubt do get in touch and we can let you know if your donation qualifies.

Where do I find my PPS number?

You can find your PPS number on your work payslip, and it is quoted on all forms and correspondence sent you by the Revenue Commissioners. It’s a seven-digit number with one (or sometimes two) letters at the end.

My tax details are personal. Will this information remain confidential?

Absolutely. Your details will remain completely confidential to the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind and the Revenue Commissioners. The information will not be used for anything other than the tax claim.

And you don’t need to tell us how much tax you pay or whether you are PAYE or self-assessed. All we need is your signature and PPS number. We will retain this number securely and only for the purposes of obtaining the tax back on your donation.

If the charity claims tax back on my donations, does it affect the tax I pay?

Not at all. It won’t cost you a penny in tax or affect your tax status in any way.

I’m not a taxpayer but my spouse is – can my donations still be tax-effective?

Yes. If you are jointly assessed as a couple either party can sign the form using either person’s PPS number.

What if I’m a pensioner, or I’m not employed?

If you have a pension, investments, or any other means on which you pay either income or capital gains tax, we can claim on this amount.

I’m self-employed/self-assessed – don’t I get the tax relief myself?

Since 1 Jan 2013, self-assessed and PAYE taxpayers are treated the same – all tax relief goes to the charity, not the taxpayer. So, while you don’t get the relief yourself, your donations to the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind can be worth 44.9% more, at no extra cost to you.

How much tax do I have to pay for the charity to benefit?

The amount of tax you pay should at least equal the tax that we are going to claim in respect of your donations. E.g., if you donated €1,000 to the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind, your tax paid for that year should be at least €449. If not, Revenue will not give us the full rebate.

What if I donate to more than one charity?

It doesn’t matter if you have given to other charities as well. You can send in the tax form to each charity. We only reclaim tax on the donations you made to the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. (Assuming you donated €250 or more to us within a year). All charities can claim separately for donations you’ve made.

What if I am an employee or member of the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind?

If you are associated with the charity (e.g., you are a staff member) and if your donations exceed 10% of your total income, then the amount of those donations that exceed the 10% limit are not considered relevant donations for the purposes of the tax back scheme and we cannot claim the tax back on that excess amount.

You’re asking me to sign an Enduring Certificate. Does this commit me to supporting you yearly?

No, the Enduring Certificate is not a commitment on your part to donate anything. We can only claim the tax back if you are a supporter of the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. But because the form is valid for 3 years (unless you chose to cancel it), it helps lower our administrative costs – allowing for greater impact in the work we do to improve the lives of those affected by sight loss and families of children with autism.

What is the Enduring Certificate form?

You can download the form here.

Please contact if you have any other questions.

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