Statement from IGDB in relation to WRC decision against Dealz Ltd.

09 Jul, 2024

We very much welcome the ruling of the Workplace Relations Commission, and in particular, are delighted for our client Nadine Lattimore whose right to access has been vindicated.

This situation is not a one-off but rather an example of the experiences many of our Guide Dog and Assistance Dog clients encounter regularly. A survey we conducted at the end of last year revealed that 83% of our Guide Dog and Assistance Dog clients had a negative experience in the previous 12 months when trying to access and participate in services and amenities, despite being legally entitled to do so under both Irish equality legislation, the Equal Status Acts, 2000-2018, and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Those affected say access refusals have a significant impact on their confidence, independence, wellbeing, and most of all, their right to participate as equal citizens in Irish society.

It is important to note that the decision of the WRC recognises that the onus is on businesses and public service providers to ensure that all staff on their premises, including outsourced security staff, are regularly trained on the provisions of the Equal Status Acts. We urge business operators and public service providers to ensure those who rely on a Guide Dog or an Assistance Dog can have the same experience and service we all take for granted.

Irish equality legislation gives Guide Dog and Assistance Dog owners the right to access businesses and services without discrimination. This includes access to:

  1. all forms of public transport, including bus, train, tram, taxi, plane or ferry

  2. all forms of hospitality accommodation, including hotels, Airbnbs, hostels or holiday rental properties

  3. all establishments that provide food, including cafes, restaurants, pubs, delis and supermarkets.

Businesses can show their support for access rights by displaying our Show Your Paw access window stickers which are available free of charge by emailing

Statement from Nadine Lattimore

I am pleased with the outcome of the WRC hearing and glad that the process has been finalised. I am very saddened that I had to go down this route however, this is a situation I encounter on a regular basis. I had no choice but to advocate not just for myself but for the rights of others who are vision impaired. The public humiliation is very difficult to forget, but I will continue to live my life as independently as I can and I hope this decision will remind other businesses of their legal obligations. For Guide Dogs and Assistance Dogs access to a business is a right.

(Guide Dog Pilot is pictured)


If you encounter any access difficulties please get in touch with us through our website form or by emailing

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