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One Million Steps

22 Jun, 2021

One Million Steps

The idea

This exciting fundraising event sees participants in your local community walking a combined total of One Million Steps in 30 days. Obviously, the more participants, the easier the load! Each day, everyone tracks their steps and posts details online, which is key to building momentum and raising donations.

You might like to do this as a Branch or encourage your community to form their own walking groups with their own target of One Million Steps.


You can run this event whenever suits you.


You can set up a JustGiving page which you can encourage your friends, family and colleagues to donate to.


  • Spread the word amongst your own family, friends, neighbours, colleagues etc.

  • Encourage your local community of Guide Dog and Assistance Dog Owners, Puppy Raisers etc. to get involved.

  • Place posters in local shops and businesses.

  • Speak to local business, sports clubs, community groups, walking groups and ask them to get involved. Consider also sending them links to your JustGiving fundraiser and asking them to posting on their own social media channels.

  • Post details on your Facebook page which will be key to promoting your event. Having some planned content (video or photo updates) will help boost your fundraising efforts. Visit Guide Dog Owner Kim Murphy's Instagram page (@jangomurphy) to find out how she promoted her recent walking challenge with her Guide Dog Jango.

  • Why not try doing some elements of your challenge with a local Guide or Assistance Dog Owner or Ambassador Dog to raise awareness in your community of what you’re doing?

  • Why not ask a local celebrity, politician, councillor or sportsperson to get involved? If they are active on social media it's a great way to engage with a wider audience.

Sample social media posts

Fancy getting fitter and healthier whilst raising funds to change lives?

Join us when we aim to walk One Million Steps in 30 days in aid of Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. [tag IGDB]

Gather your friends and family to work as a team with the collective aim of One Million Steps in 30 days. You can raise donations through our JustGiving page.

#ChangingLives #1MillionSteps4IGDB

Ambassador Dog Riley is joining us on our walk this morning around Newbridge as we continued our One Million Steps in 30 days for Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. [tag IGDB] If you see us out and about please do say hello.

You can donate at [insert fundraiser link].

#ChangingLives #1MillionSteps4IGDB

Image description: Ambassador Dog Riley sitting on a pavement looking at the camera.

Supporting material

Your Regional Development Co-ordinator will be happy to provide you with supporting material including:

  • Campaign poster

  • Social media imagery

  • Event notice template for distribution to local media and community.

  Please contact us if you wish to avail of this material.

Thank you for everything you do to support us #ChangingLives


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