This affectionate and intelligent, albeit sensitive dog, requires the support of a patient and loving home to enable her to grow in confidence. She would love to share a home with another dog and to live with a family that can provide her with exercise and space to run and play.

  • Lab X GRet X Lab
  • Female
  • DOB: 03/09/2022

Emily is an affectionate and intelligent dog who forms quick bonds and is eager to learn. She is good in the home and gets on well with other dogs. She enjoys free-runs and loves to play with toys.  

Emily is body sensitive and doesn’t enjoy wearing working equipment such as a body harness or head collar. She can also be wary of veterinary examinations and some grooming equipment. With an experienced and patient, loving and supportive home, her confidence in these areas will grow.   

She has a fast pace on walks and can be strong initially on the lead. 

Emily has some oral fixations which would require some environmental supervision. When she was younger, she exhibited coprophagic behaviours. She may chew her bedding, and at times, she might look to eat stones in garden. 

She has never lived with cats or small children.  

Emily has a sensitive stomach; she is currently on a hypoallergenic to support this. She is being treated with Pyomousse and Cortavance for allergy-related skin issues. Due to her body sensitivity, she will need a patient home that are prepared to work with a desentisation programme to help her overcome this. She will require further check-ups with SkinVet for her treatments.  

Application Deadline: Monday, 6 May 2024 

Emily, looking at the camera, sitting down on some grass next to a pathway and a river 's Image 1
Emily lying down on carpet indoors looking at the camera's Image 2
Emily sitting down looking at the camera with her mouth open breathing and a gate next to her's Image 3

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